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Regional Headquarters
Rank/Name Designation
PCSUPT RAMON COLET APOLINARIO Deputy Regional Director for Administration
PCSUPT BILY B BELTRAN Deputy Regional Director for Operations
PSSUPT PATROCINIO A COMENDADOR JR Acting, Regional Chief Directorial Staff
PSUPT NICOLAS S SALVADOR OIC, Secretary to Regional Directorial Staff
PSSUPT CONRADO PAJARILLO GONGON JR Chief, Regional Personnel and Records Management Division
PSSUPT MANUEL M LUKBAN JR OIC, Regional Intelligence Division
PSSUPT RHODERICK C ARMAMENTO OIC, Regional Operations Division
PSSUPT ARCADIO L RONQUILLO Chief, Regional Logistics Division
  OIC, Regional Police Community Relations Division
PSSUPT JIMILI L MACARAEG Chief, Regional Comptrollership Division
PSSUPT JOAQUIN R ALVA OIC, Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division
PSSUPT ROMMIL N MITRA Chief, Regional Training AND Education Division
PSSUPT LAWRENCE B COOP Bn Cmdr, Regional Public Safety Batallion
PSUPT BERNARDO A BORRINAGA AGD, Regional Headquarters Support Group
PSUPT AQUINO OLIVAR OIC, Regional Police Intelligence Operations Unit
PINSP VICTOR S DE LEON Chief, Regional Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit
PCINSP JOSEPH V PANGILINAN OIC, Presidential PNP Security Force Unit
PSUPT NOEL L BUÑAG Chief, Regional Complaints and Referral Monitoring Center
PSUPT ANNIE M LANGCAY OIC, Regional Human Rights Affairs Office
PSINSP TYRONE DE GUZMAN VALENZONA Chief, Regional Direct Support Unit
PCINSP KAREN M GAYAGAY OIC, Regional Tactical Operations and Intelligence Center
PCSUPT ALLEN B BANTOLO Chief, Regional Police Strategy Management Unit
SPO4 Jovito L Rasco Regional Executive Senior Police Officer


Regional Support Units
Rank/Name Designation
PSSUPT LEO ANGELO D LUTERIO RD, Regional Internal Affairs Service
PSUPT ARCELI S PULMANO Chief, Regional Health Service
PSSUPT ARMANDO S DELEON Chief, Regional Finance Service Office 16
PSUPT RUBEN D ESPEÑO Regional Chaplain
PSSUPT ELEAZAR GRAN Chief, Regional Communications and Electronics Office
PSINSP RHODEL G DINGRAT JR OIC, Regional Engineering Office
PSUPT RAYMOND DE GUZMAN Chief, Regional Legal Affairs Service
PCINSP CHRISTIAN B TARUN Chief, Information Technology Office NCRPO
PSUPT PAMELA D BALASABAS Chief, Regional Special Training Unit
PSUPT ERNESTO F AGAS Training Director, National Capital Region Training Service