PDIR Carmelo Valmoria, Regional Director, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) applauded Taguig Police personnel for their commendable accomplishment against suspected members of Motorcycle Riding Criminals and Carnappers at Phase 2, Block 4, Lot 1, Brgy., Pinagsama, Taguig City.

An intensified 24/7 patrol within their area of responsibility led by PCInsp Benito Basilio resulted to the arrest of two suspects identified as Ricardo Aver Gonxado y Catena, 40 years old, a native of Batangas and a resident of of Ususan, Taguig City and Danilo Basco y Bundoc, 30 years old, resident of Pinagsama, Taguig City.
Based on the report, at around 1:00am on April 8, 2014, the patrolling teams were at the area when they noticed some parked motorcycles, assorted accessories and motorcycle parts which alarmed the team. When they were about to approach one male suspect standing nearby the area, they were surprised with one gun shot that hit P02 Ardi Vergara and resulted to almost ten (10) minutes of gunfire.
Responding members of Tactical Motorcycle Reaction Unit (TMRU) and INTEL/ANCAR led by PSI Joey Prieto were able to engage the suspects while other suspects parted and flee at the rooftop of their rented house while P02 Vergara was immediately rushed to Rizal Medical Center for treatment. At large suspects are now subject for the conduct of an intense man-hunt and follow up operation.
Meanwhile, the Special Reaction Unit (SRU) recovered evidences from the suspects possession are: one (1) 9mm pistol with no serial number; live ammunitions of 9mm (5 pcs.) and .45 cal pistols (8 pcs.); skeletal chassis, skeletal Rusi with engine; skeletal Suzuki; one (1) unit of Yamaha mio; three (3) rims; assorted fleering and assorted spare parts of unknown motorcycle vehicles.
Suspects arrested after medical examination were turned-over to the Investigation Detention Management Unit (IDMS), Taguig City Police Station and presently temporarily detained at Taguig City Police Station Jail for presentation for inquest proceeding at the City Prosecutor’s Office.
On the other hand, PO2 Vergara was recommended for Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting for having been wounded during armed encounter/shoot-out with suspected motorcycle carnapper members that risks his life in line with the call of duty. The Medalya ng Kadakilaan was also recommended for the members of the responding team for their highly commendable performance.